Fully traceable


Complete traceability

Not all casings have the benefit of full traceability. When using collagen casings, there is no need to worry about traceability and food safety issues.

Collagen casings are made from animal protein and the collagen is fully traceable back to its point of origin and processed through EU regulated operations.

Devro require that all suppliers of Bovine collagen can provide traceability information from the abattoir to point of delivery.

Traceability information, policies and procedures apply to all suppliers. Guarantees and EU collagen regulations (Regulation 853/2004/EC, ISO ISO/FDIS 22005) offer assurance that the products are suitable for all producers.


Complete traceability

Throughout the process the data from the animal ear tag is recorded and documented so that the control number on each box produced can be traced back to the origon.

If there are any issues from any stage in the process from farm to plate the Select casing profile can be traced and the problem identified significantly reducing the risk of food safety scares.







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